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New Program at University High School

The Club at University High School is designed to engage our high school members in activities that will be fun, rewarding, and productive. The purpose of this program is to provide a safe, quality place for our community’s high schoolders during the after-school hours. Each youth has the opportunity to engage in activities that benefit them emotionally, physically, and mentally. The program includes educational experiences, career exploration, leadership clubs, character education, health and fitness, community service, the arts, outdoor activities, field trips, mentoring programs, prevention programs, and a variety of family services.

Some of the innovative program that Nick Adams and I are hoping to institute in our weekly schedules are: Guitar lessons, yoga, fashion design, astronomy, Credit Recovery, robotics/drones, and our Ninth Grade Transition Program.

The Mountaineer Boys and Girls Club 9th Grade Transition Program will include activities that provide students and parents information about the new school; provide information about the afterschool program; and provide students social support during the transition.

We will also offer enrichment programs in order to encourage participation in our Program; in order to allow students to explore career opportunities; to build social competence and social relationships; to help reduce stress; and help to address anger issues.

The UHS program will operate Monday through Thursday from the time classes let out until 5:30-5:40 whenever the provided transportation picks up all members.

A full list of enrichment and programming will be available on our 'Registration' page soon. Myself and Nick will be attending the open house at UHS, on August 15th, from 4-6. We will have registration packets and information, at the table.

We hope to see you at the open house, and come sign up!